New website available now.

New website available now.

We have renewed our official website inorder to spread the appeal of sake to the world. In many countries throughout the world,beverages rooted in local culture bring joy to everyday life. Our hometown ofAkitsu, a small port-town along the coast of the Seto Inland Sea, is thehistoric home of the Hiroshima Toji (master brewers) as well as the birthplaceof modern ginjo brewing. We have included content in both Japanese and English whichwe hope will convey some of the rich history and charm of our home region. The website has been completely redesignedto be as simple and user-friendly as possible, helping us to better convey thedistinctive characteristics of our brewing. The online shop, too, has beenimproved to make purchasing easier, and you can now view the site comfortablyfrom your smartphone, tablet or computer. The Fukucho website is filled with the things wevalue when brewing sake. We hope you will have a look around, and look forwardto sharing more about our products in the future.


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